Manchester Back Pain Prevention with Exercise

What’s the first thing you do when you are in pain? Stop moving. Most Manchester back pain patients stop, too. That’s sensible; however, moving is advantageous for healing. Exercise helps back pain patients in the long term with strength and back pain prevention…and in the short term, too! The body needs to move to heal and to strengthen the spine and to ease the return of back pain. Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries usually promotes movement and exercise to Manchester back pain sufferers to reduce their Manchester back pain.


Exercise choices from walking to running, from light weight to heavy weight, from high intensity to yoga and Pilates impact healthier lives and stronger spines. One study describe the benefits of Pilates, a gentler exercise option that is quite effective for back pain relief. Likely owing to its core muscle activation and lumbopelvic rhythm improvement, Pilates performed better than extension-based exercises for pain reduction, range of motion improvement and physical disability improvement. (1) Additionally, administering active interferential current therapy before Pilates reduced28 pain quicker than a placebo current: 30% reduction in one session, 50% in two, 100% in three. That is statistically significant! (2) Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries often combines therapies and exercise options to boost clinical relief for Manchester back pain patients just like this!


Interestingly, one concern that sets women up for more frequent back pain episodes is a lack of vigorous physical activity. Obesity and depression are also influential matters. (3) Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries is very aware that there are slight discrepancies between men and women when they visit to Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries for Manchester back pain relief and is ready to help with different approaches!


Low back pain troubles all types of people, women and men the same! Low back pain is not fussy! Introverted, not very assertive folks are apt to suffer a bit more. They describe higher levels of pain, disability, and depression and seek more health care services. (4) Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries helps all types of Manchester back pain sufferers find back pain relief with the Cox® Technic System of Back Pain Management. Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries helps Manchester back pain sufferers discover means to control and prevent future Manchester back pain episodes, too.


Seeing a chiropractor first for an episode of Manchester back pain leads to a reduced [[chance| of having to have Manchester back surgery: 47.2% visiting a surgeon vs 1.5% seeing a chiropractor. (5) Make an appointment today to see your Manchester chiropractor!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Dan Satinsky on the Back Doctor’s Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson. He shares cases of back pain patients helped with by Cox® Technic  to return to active lifestyles. Cox® Technic physicians like yours at Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries really do see Manchester patients as whole people requiring whole body care which includes exercise!

Schedule your Manchester chiropractic appointment today to keep you moving and healing and away from back pain as best as possible! Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries appreciates being part of your healthcare team!
Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries encourages Manchester back pain prevention with exercise. 
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