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Travelling? Have a friend or family member across the country who needs back pain relief? Neck pain relief? Leg pain relief? Do they need chiropractic care like you get here in Manchester?

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Check out the Cox Technic Referral Directory. Just type in a city/state or zip code, and you’ll see a list of doctors who are within 150 miles. (You can even check our status out if you like!)

These certified doctors have all studied just like I have, have all passed the Cox Technic certification examination just like I did, have all chosen to include Cox Technic in our chiropractic practices as the chiropractic technique that gently and effectively relieves pain.

If you are on vacation, enjoy your trip. Be safe. If you need some chiropractic care while away, check this referral directory of doctors out. Tell Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries all about your trip and chiropractic visit when you return home.

If you refer a family member or friend to one of these doctors, share their feedback with me about their chiropractic care. We Cox Technic doctors are proud of our technique, proud of the on-going federally funded research and our documented clinical outcomes, and proud that we help each other’s patients when we can.

Thank you for your trust in our Manchester chiropractic services. If you have any further questions about referring someone or finding a doctor for yourself when you aren’t home in Manchester, please contact Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries. We will help!

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